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Secondary Glazing


Secondary Glazing Units

Fitting Secondary Glazing units will reduce your central heating costs and reduce Noise Pollution.

  • Comprehensive range of Styles suitable for all types of buildings including Grade 1 and 2 Listed and Offices.
  • Fully factory finished... Simple, single fix on site.
  • With range of different sub-frames & trims to maintain uniformity of the total interior facade.
  • Careful finishing details to ensure good aesthetics.
  • Locking handles as standard for greater security.
  • Bespoke Designs - Fully curved arched windows catered for.
  • Woodgrain Finish available.
  • Suitable for Thermal & Sound Insulation.
  • These units can achieve as much as 52dB reduction when fitted behind the existing prime windows with Stadip Silence Acoustic 6.4mm glass.
  • An acoustic liner in the window reveal will give 2dB additional reduction.
  • 6.4mm Acoustic Laminated Glass can be used in safety critical locations.
  • Gives - enhanced security - Laminate glass hinders breakage as glass remains adhered to the interlayer.
  • Transparent/colourless interlayer resembles ordinary glass with excellent optical qualities.
  • Eliminates over 99% of ultra violet light.

The choice is yours.

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